My Thoughts on the Novel – The Forty Rules of Love

As a person who claimed to believe in love, Shams of Tabriz couldn't open himself up to the love from his own wife. He claimed to spread love but he couldn't surrender himself to the rightful love and dismissed it. In that, he was also fearful as opposed to what he thought he was not.


Betrayal in Hard Times

Someone has been just so right in saying that it is in hard times that you find the real face of people, who really cares for you and who just pretends. The real test of your claim of being empathetic and caring is not when you help when it is convenient for you but when …

A Usual Day

I just had a bad cry, rather a silent cry filled with deep pain and anger. Because I am not allowed to express that I am hurt or else I will be beaten, I had a soundless cry.. How blatantly and rudely he says all those absurd and meaningless judgments about someone that he assumes …

The blame game

When something goes wrong, the first thing we do is to look someone to blame it on. To put the blame on your own self, that would be the last and the most difficult thing a human could do. I mean how hard it is for us to imagine that we could also be at …

The Silent Killer

Bad memories are like tiny insects - the brain eaters. Even when they become your past, they reside within you in your present and slowly eats away your brain, a small part of you every day. Like slow poisoning, bad memory is a silent killer. --Aisha Malik || Memories

A Perfect Wedding – Elegant, Simple and Economical

Planning a perfect wedding is not a day’s job. It needs months of planning for its successful execution on the wedding day. From the selection of the tiniest item to the best music, not to mention hiring an expensive wedding photographer, every bride and every groom wants its special day a dream come true. All …

Bedtime snacks that could Promote Weight Loss

We have heard quiet a lot times about the common myth that eating before bedtime is bad for our health.  For most of us, night meal isn’t just enough to suffice our food cravings and we all end up having snacks before we end our day in our beds. Where we are trying to get …

Together yet Alone

Man is a social animal and isolation can drive them crazy. On the other hand, in today’s modern world, humans also measure happiness and personal satisfaction through achievements such as having a career, wealth and self-perception. In thriving to achieve these goals, we lose our social connections. And as the social fabric weakens, more and …

Why I can’t celebrate Malala’s Nobel Peace Prize.

middle east revised

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded this Friday to India’s Kailash Satyarthi and Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai for their struggles against the suppression of children and for young people’s rights, including the right to education. That is great news, and it might almost mean Nobel Peace Prize makes sense again, after being awarded to Barack Obama in 2009 “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”, and to European Union in 2012 “for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe”.

Still, there is something that really troubles me. How come we (meaning the West) always recognize the “devils” of the East, the torments children like Malala had to and have to go through (in her case, with the Taliban), but always fail to recognize our own participation in creating those “devils”? How come we never…

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Kaaba Tiles (more questions than answers)

I've got some art stuck in my eye

Ever since my recent visit to Istanbul, Kaaba tiles have been swirling around in my mind. I first discovered them during a trip to Turkey two years ago, when I thought that I’d get home and look them up on the magical interwebs and find information and images to sift through to my heart’s delight. Not so much. Before we go further, here’s one, from the Mosque of Rustem Pasa (in Istanbul):

Turkey 0812 1188 Kaaba tile, Mosque of Rustem Pasa, Istanbul

Just look at it for a minute – see the Kaaba (the black rectangle) in the middle? See the minarets around the outside? See how there are six? Well, a seventh one was added to the actual mosque that surrounds the Kaaba after the Blue Mosque (Mosque of Sultan Ahmed) in Istanbul was built with six minarets. Of course, the mosque at Mecca, the center of Islam, had to have one more…

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