The story of the Booger Man

This is the story of a guy at my workplace of how he got the name “Booger Man”. It is his loathing habit of playing around with his boogers shamelessly and boldly that surprised me and got him the honors of becoming the subject of my very first blog.

Always dressed in dress pants and a collar shirt, this pretentious guy gives the first impression of an urban, civilized gentleman with all the manners and etiquettes of the world. Although his exposure as big – mouthed made me suspicious of his sophistication that he is pretense of his outward personality, I ignored it thinking that I think too much.

So, as the saying goes:

“First impression is the last impression”

And for the moment it did work to impress me, but not for long and my mind came up with an elaborated and  detailed version of the afore-mentioned famous adage:

“First bad impression is the last impression but first good impression is not always be the last impression”

It happened so, when I got shifted to share his office with him along with another colleague. Spending eight hours of the day with him led me to another well – known quote:

” Never judge a person by his appearance”

And I would add to it here that never conclude about a person unless you thoroughly get to know him. So, as the story goes, not long after I shifted to his office, one fine morning, when we all were busy working on our Desktops, my eyes caught the urbanely fellow inserting his index finger into his nostrils, taking out a booger and sticking it under his table ignorant of being watched by other fellows eewwing and yuukhhing for the rest of the day.

Gradually, I learned that its his very common habit of picking his nose and sticking mucus around in the office. The guy doesn’t care if he is with his boss, colleagues, subordinates or females. He would just enjoy sticking boogers to the nearest object he finds while dsigusting others and thereby got stuck himself the name ‘The Booger Man’.

Once we were on an official lunch at a local Dine-In restaurant when all of a sudden, after we just finished with the food, he picked his nose and cleaned his hands on our very eating table dragging right through the centre to the corner at his side. Gross! Why didn’t I die before I could witness the hell abominable and horrible scene!! Heavens sake, we haven’t even completely swallowed our food. I started feeeling nausea, I felt like vomiting right into his face. It would have been better if he had swallowed them.

From that day onwards, I nauseate to touch anything in the office.His boogers can be stuck anywhere. They can be on the couch, on the table, on our computers or even on the coffee mugs and plates. I wonder if I may have accidently swallowed them while drinking in any of those mugs or eating in any of the plates.

Poor guy! All his feinging to impress people went in vain. Why was he even trying to impress at the first place being someone he is not? Seems like he has got some Inferiority complex Syndrome. Being pretentious, thinking you can easily fool people, can sometimes go the other way around making a fool out of your own self.

So, be yourself! Whoever you are, Whatever you are, just carry yourself boldly. Atleast you won’t end up being made fun of among the people.


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