Let me eat my food

When it comes to sharing your food with your mates either at your school, college or at your workplace, you will generally encounter three types of people around you (unless you are living in hibernation). But before we peek in to the details of these types, the question arises why would someone share his/her food at the first place??

It’s because it is counted as bad manners to eat food without offering others around you. Imagine how awkward it feels when you are eating, munching, crunching and enjoying the tasty and delicious food in your mouth (food is always delcious when seen through other’s eyes who is not eating it) while your fellow stares at you with a watery mouth and a puppy face, eyes wide open until its all gone into your tummy. All hopes of having just even a bite of it are lost.

Coming back to the types:

Ist type:

Includes people whom you really want to share your food. They are actually the people you like. They can be your friends or it can be someone more than a friend, you know 🙂 So basically these are the people you like to eat your food with.

2nd Type:

These are the people whom you offer food as a formality. You really don’t feel like sharing it with such people. You are hesitant to share even a bite of it but just for the sake of morality and ethics or because you are thinking that your time may also come, you ask them as maximum as once or twice; no insisting or you may be banging your head against the wall later.

3rd Type:

This type of people are always hungry and they are so ravenous (bhookkaa) and starving that you cannot think of satiating your hunger infront of them because they won’t leave it if they are around. Seriously, once they see you eating, they will get chummy with you as long time childhood friends (Langotia yaar) and whether you offer them or not, they will get their hands on your lunch and they won’t take a bite or two, they will grab your lunch box and will forget to return it to you until they are done. And such ravens are never done.

Once I made a mistake of offering my home made lunch, my favorite dish that day, to a colleague of mine, who is senior to me, and damn, she was so quick that by the time I got over with my hardly 5 minutes prayer, my lunch box was nearly empty.

That day onwards, I hide my food when she is around – Lesson learned 🙂 


2 Replies to “Let me eat my food”

  1. This is so true and I’d also like to add a pet hate of mine – when people put their food onto my plate (unprompted) drives me bananas! I also know of someone that when we’re serving food (kind of help yourself situations) and whilst everyone is being polite but taking a sensible portion will fill their plate to max, like they were at the free salad counter of pizzahut or similar – also does my head in!


    1. LOL! you are talkin of the buffet system in which you serve yourself. Once at a wedding with that food system (help yourself situation), a lady kept searching for chicken pieces in chicken rice dish with a large spoon ignorant of people behind her for their turn laughing at her.


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