What Was I Thinking ??

Oh Yeah !!! Everytime I come across someone strange, all my mind resonates is “What was I thinking ??” Or sometimes, Was I even thinking at all ??? Even at times, I am asking myself,  Where on earth was I ??

I don’t know at what age do people start to get mature to understand how things work around the world, but as far as I know, I opened my eyes in this world when I joined Undergrad university. It was late then, but better late than never. In the beginning, it used to be a package of all the state-of-mood changing behaviors (weird, strange, shocking, terrifying, awkward and the list goes on ….) yet funny, hilarious, and enjoying as well.

However, now when its been three years since I graduated, I am still in the same phase of learning and experiencing the different attitudes but this time, rather more alarming as big and bold signs of CAUTION and WARNING. It is here at my workplace that I have seen practices of diplomacy, politics, insensitivity and exaggeration that has at times, kept me in a state of shock for days.

Its been two years now, as I look back from the start of my career, I see every other day is a learning, a realization and every incident is an eye-opener for me. I get to learn from almost every other person, good or bad, whom I interact. But more the people, more are the diverse behaviors and more it becomes a complex equation to resolve in to a definite answer about their behaviors for future references so that, the next time I encounter a person with resembling behaviors from my past experiences, I am able to predict his/her next act beforehand. But that’s not the case. It’s like Geminis are known to be double-minded but that is not always true and so is for other stars.

This should have been my first blog becuase this is what my blog is about. Anyhow, stay tuned for more from my workplace.


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