Let go of — Do not take control of everything in Life

The feeling of being able to do nothing when you so much want to be with some one — how does it feel like? You have got all the world to make it happen, everything set and done yet nothing can bring you both together. It just makes you feel so helpless when you so much want to reach out to that person — How does that feel?? It loathes, ain’t it?


I guess — in fact, it obviously is where you say “Some matters of life are to be dealt by God”. And it sure makes it true: “Money can’t by you happiness”. Money can’t buy you people you want to be with, the feelings you want, the relations in life you want, once gone – – gone forever. Your parents, children, brother, sister or your spouse, living under the same roof, so close yet so far apart.

When you try to take over the control of everything in your life — you having education, qualification, experience, money, big house, access to all gadgets that can connect you instantly to that special someone, airplane ticket to be with him in a matter of few hours — you have everything to be with him yet you are helpless because you know its not the other way around for that person. Deep down you know your feelings won’t be acknowledged. Some decisions are made by God because sometimes, what we think may be right for us, is actually not.

Someone told me about this beautiful prayer:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

And I realized no matter how much you love someone, no matter how much you want to wipe away her tears, help her with all the might, trying to change someone’s life, you cannot make the other understand you. You cannot make someone love you, you cannot make someone value you and make him value what you do for him.

Valuing what others do for you, appreciating their efforts is also a responsibility. Awareness of one’s responsibility is not very common around. We quit our responsibilities if they don’t get acknowledged but the real guts are measured when you stand all the negativity — Discouragement, De-motivation, Disliking,  despite all the efforts.

When someone gets bankrupt, or is sick, in an accident or didn’t get good grades, its not what brings down people, its the feeling of a loophole in life when you need your loved one to be with you at that very time because only he can understand what you are going through.

Such people are found rare to some, to others they may be common. This is life. This is how it is.

And so what they say: “Everything is possible”, it is but realistically to some extent only.


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