Real life roles – A responsibility or a mere tag ?

Humans come with different roles in life. With each role, are associated responsibilities that in turn become expectations from these roles. Looking from a broader perspective, among the different living beings, we have the role of humans. So the basic responsibility of this role is to be humane and that is what is expected from human beings – to act humane. Making comparisons of humans with other beings, I think is an insult for the former because comparisons are made between entities that are identical in almost all aspects with a few exceptions. For example, its like I start comparing myself with a tiger of who is wilder or who is most merciful.  Its a shame for the person to compare himself with species or class of people in characteristics they don’t possess.

Recently, I read a blog in my news feed about the resignation of a priest for some reasons. The comments below it urged me to write this blog. In those comments, one guy talked about the rights and wrongs in context to the actions of the priest. In reply, another guy bluntly disagreed to the first guy and in fact in a highly argumentative and unethical manner declared that the former was wrong because the latter claimed to hold three PhD degrees so what he was saying was completely right and that the first guy didn’t know anything. Wow!!


Here’s what was going on all together:

1. What the PhD guy did

2. What he is expected of

3. What I thought

4. What I am expected to do

1 and 2: What on earth was the Doctorate doing over there?  As of fact, a highly literate, highly qualified person wouldn’t argue at the first place and at least a three times PhD guy can’t be that young to act immature. People agree and disagree. You can’t impose your views on someone. Even if a literate guy has to defend his point, he must carry out a discussion to know what is right and wrong, not an argument to show who’s right and who’s wrong.

3: If the PhD guy wasn’t lying about his claims and if I see few other PhDs acting the same way, my mind is ready to conclude that all PhDs are same. See? this is what happens. That is how the world is. Based on the deeds of a few individuals of a certain community, we without hesitation judge and generalize our view point for the whole community.

4: But playing the role of humans, we are not supposed to be judging people. This is one of the suppositions of the role — the expectations from the role. The actions of an individual of a certain community, religion or country build an image of that community, religion or country. We are the representatives of our religion, we as a national of our country portray its image, we as an employee form the impression for our organization. We as a part of a profession have to protect its standards and values.


Delving in to the different human roles, by nature, man has the roles of father, son, husband and brother. Likewise, a woman is bestowed with the roles of mother, daughter, wife and sister. These roles are not just tags or labels. With these roles, comes responsibilities — The responsibility of a wife to not cheat on her husband and vice versa, the responsibility of a man to take care of his parents, wife and children .

These are codes of conduct set in our holy books to guide us through the course of life, to help us differentiate between the right and the wrong. imagesCrossing the limits of the code would disrupt the very existing phenomenon of family system diminishing humanity that we are witnessing in these times — Father sleeping with daughter, mother in bed with son, molestation, abusing, homosexuals etc. We can see with our open eyes the effects caused by actions we are responsible of — for not having the sense of responsibility of our roles. We can’t just simply do whatever we want to, we can’t just do away with our responsibilities yet keeping the roles. We are not loners. Our lives are linked together with people around us and our actions have impact on our surroundings.

The worst part is that we are aware yet still unaware.

Its not knowing the right and wrong, its understanding the difference between them.


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