4 Steps to Handle Angry Customers

Handling angry customers tactfully is the key to long term customer loyalty. Whether the problem of the customer is resolved successfully or not, a valuable customer would still come back if you know exactly how to act and react to handle an angry customer and this is what I have learned from my personal experience as a customer. I have seen me opting to go to a grocery store a little far from my place because the one near has a rude shopkeeper who turned me down a couple of times whenever I asked for a change. I have continued to stay the customer of my current bank after my personal information was misused by the call center agents for bothering me on phone calls but after I found out who they were and complained to the concerned department, they were fired the very same day.

angry-customerThese tips are not just for dealing with angry customers but also handy for guys to calm down their angry woman when they have kept her waiting on dinner or forgot her birthday.

1. Keep Calm and Smile: When a customer yells at you, demonstrate your best patience and listening skills. That’s the most important and the toughest skill required. Most of the time, the customer is not angry on you but on the service provider and since you are the company representative on the front end, he wants to convey his dissatisfaction to the company through you. So there is nothing to be personal about. Keep calm and let the customer vent out anger.

2. Be Concerned: Empathize the angered customer through mild tone and body language. This shows you are concerned and understanding towards his dis-satisfactory experience.

3. Use the Three magical words – I AM SORRY: Yes, even if the customer is angry due to some misunderstanding or due to a fault at his part, saying the magical word ‘Sorry’ cools down a lot of customers. Being sorry for the customer of having a bad time shows that you can comprehend their situation. Be apologetic for causing inconvenience on behalf of the company.

4. Final Step – Resolve: Try to resolve customer’s complaint by looking for a possible solution that would satisfy the customer as well as does not violate company policies.

Remember, 90% of the problem is due to the wrong tone of your voice. So, maintaining the mild and soft tone with appropriate words and body language will not only benefit your business but it is also necessary to keep your sanity alive.


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