A Perfect Wedding – Elegant, Simple and Economical

Planning a perfect wedding is not a day’s job. It needs months of planning for its successful execution on the wedding day. From the selection of the tiniest item to the best music, not to mention hiring an expensive wedding photographer, every bride and every groom wants its special day a dream come true. All they want to hear from the guests is – Simply Perfect!

However, that’s not it. It’s a universal truth that everything comes with a cost. Whatever you plan revolves around your wedding budget. More finance you put in, more secure you are about the fears of your wedding going wrong. If money doesn’t matter to you, you can spend a million, hire one of the best wedding planners from the wedding industry and you are relieved from the painstaking of the whole event. Some people even hire their personal managers to look after your wedding day.

However, most people are not that rich and money is a constraint in planning their wedding. Usually couples are bound for such complexities in their weddings just for the sake of what people want to see. Looking around the hype that has been created with time about wedding ceremonies, it is presumed that things that are rather secondary for the wedding are now essentials and people cannot get married without them.  As a result, weddings have become an event full of worries and fears more than being a day of rejoicement.cheapwedding

A wedding ceremony is meant to be an open announcement of the coming together of two people for the rest of their lives through the institution of marriage. But with time, society has deviated from its true meaning and has started caring more about trivial things that are otherwise unimportant. Marriages are meant to be simple. Being simple in planning a wedding ceremony not only brings elegance to the whole event, but also makes it easier for the couple to get married by relieving the bride, the groom and their families from the financial burden on their shoulders.

A word of adviceDistinguish between your needs and wants. Even in a limited budget, you can have the best wedding of your dreams.


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