Bedtime snacks that could Promote Weight Loss

We have heak9779892rd quiet a lot times about the common myth that eating before bedtime is bad for our health.  For most of us, night meal isn’t just enough to suffice our food cravings and we all end up having snacks before we end our day in our beds. Where we are trying to get our bodies in to shape, with just a wrong bedtime snack choice, we actually ruin our whole plan to lose weight. Taking snacks before jumping into bed isn’t a bad thing. What’s bad for your health is the wrong choice you make especially for health conscious people who are following a weight loss plan.

Not satisfying your hunger to maintain your weight loss efforts when your stomach is growling actually backfires and you end up with a restless night and tend to eat a heavy meal the next morning. On the contrary, if you do snacking before going to sleep, choosing the wrong snacks would contribute to increasing your weight. Not only that, at night our digestive system gets slower and taking heavy snacks can cause indigestion problems resulting in sleepless nights and waking up exhausted the next day.

To avoid these harmful effects yet fulfilling your body requirements at the same time, the key trick is to make bedtime snack choices wisely.  Minimum seven hours of proper sleep is an important factor for a healthy mind and body. So it is not just about weight loss, it’s about getting the right amount of sleep that wakes you up fresh the next morning and keeps you going with concentration.  bedtime snacksHere are some of the nutrition you must opt for when choosing snacks before bedtime that would help to lose weight:

Whole grain cereals such as oatmeal and flakes are rich in complex carbohydrates that are easy to digest. Research studies recommend to use complex carbs as bedtime snacks which compared to simple carbs are less in sugar and high in fiber. Simple carbs, if taken at night, can deposit sugar as fats in your body.

  1. Low fat milk, oats, poultry, cottage cheese, sunflower seeds, bananas, egg white, salmon and peanuts are all good to consume as bedtime snacks because of being rich in Tryptophan – an amino acid with high-levels of serotonin that in turn helps in a good night sleep.
  2. Low fat, low protein such as popcorns helps in weight loss and pose less chances for indigestion, bloated stomach and heartburn.
  3. Instead of eating simple carbs, you can choose green vegetable salad or fruits such as banana that is rich in potassium and apple.
  4. Cottage Cheese and cow milk are best sources of casein protein which help in building muscle mass because of its slow releasing action throughout the night. That’s why Body builders drink casein shake before going to bed.
  5. turkey sandwichTo add more taste to your snacks, make a turkey sandwich with veggies and a topping of cheese. A slice or two of turkey alone has a calorie count of around 100 only. You can use non-fat frozen yogurt with fruits tossed in for a great treat.

Bottom Line – It is better to have bedtime snacks that are low in calories, fats and proteins and easily digestible instead of starving yourself to sleep.


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