Betrayal in Hard Times

Someone has been just so right in saying that it is in hard times that you find the real face of people, who really cares for you and who just pretends.

The real test of your claim of being empathetic and caring is not when you help when it is convenient for you but when you go out of the way to help.

Hard time on family is here but my own blood relations are now showing their true colors. Who used to pretend they cared and loved their mother so much have turned their backs on her.

What is more hurtful is to see that despite all that I do for her, though little as compared to what she has done for me, she doesn’t even accept it, if not appreciate and thinks the same for me as she does for others.

But what’s even harder is to now resist  to care for those whom you thought cared for you.

Someone I used to call my best friend, my friend in hard times, someone I thought I could share everything with, someone I would wait anxiously for the entire day to spend time with her, has changed so much.

For someone I cared like a mother, I guess I am not even the least in her priority list.

It is still hard to believe that for someone I would stand up to fight for against anyone is so indifferent to my sufferings.. it is painful to realize that she thinks low of me and avoids me.

But that is the reality now. She has grown up. She has a good job where she has friends she can hang out with and has a busy life. She doesn’t need me anymore.

The sooner I accept this reality, the better.


— Excerpt from To Walk the Lonely Road





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